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  • agen judi online
The effective services offered by the online gambling gaming sites

We Shepherd the customer through their transactional journey by offering critical information on things such as odds and games, service charges and terms and conditions. We Provide automation and self-service, increase first contact resolution rates and avoid escalations thereby reducing resourcing requirements, shortening training times and increasing agent capacity, all while effectively managing through powerful analytics and reporting.

We engage customers at the point of need through live chat, co-browsing, optimised for mobile. We identify and engage visitors originating from expensive pay-per-click campaigns to improve the ROI of Web Marketing. We automatically capture distressed and high value web site visitors and turn them into online gambling customers.

We enhance customer experience with Warm Transfer chats, allowing a temporary three-way chat, with the added ability to make use of Conference Chat, enabling real-time collaboration among multiple agents.