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The industrial challenges in online gambling game industries

The online gambling companies need to replicate the very best in person, in store experience via relevant, contextual, online engagement. Customer service becomes a key differentiator to create a competitive edge. Normally gamblers are more frequent mobile device users. The online customers demand an equivalent service through mobile apps, tablet and smart phone environments.They look to experience self-service and use live communication channels to support their online experience for both support and sales journeys equally across a rapidly evolving set of mobile devices. Find More Info on katapoker here.

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Various challenges in development of responsible gambling industry

If a company fails to meet these customer demands, the cost and sales abandonment rates are high and maximum consumers will move towards more costly offline channels for help.

Prior to adding products or completing a transaction, customers expect ease of sign-up combined with high levels of security, sophisticated support, and real-time response to inquiries.

To ensure success and stand above the competition, our online gaming operators demonstrate to the customer that they understand their needs and want their business.

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These online gambling companies use communication channels like phone, email, chat, and Web self-service. If customers are using more than one channel or device to find the information they need, this fragmented approach leads to inconsistency in service and message resulting in increased cost, decreased customer satisfaction and loss of opportunity.

Hence we provide an integrated approach to customer conversion and service with an ability to leverage existing customer data for a customer view.

We enhance customer satisfaction through self-service, assisted service, and proactive service offerings across PCs, tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

Agent productivity and response quality increases through automated functions, knowledge enhanced solutions, single and intuitive agent console.

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The solutions offered

Our gambling game management gains access to both in-depth tactical dashboards and big-picture strategic reports, thereby providing the tools to continually drive improvement. We provide live sales assistance and present targeted, real-time, and personalised offers.

We Identify customer interest in additional products and services and engage with up sell and cross sell propositions.We identify, monitor, and capture the highest-value customers and visitors maximising sales. We provide a holistic view of customer interactions to your agents across all products, services, channels and devices.