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Problems In Gambling

Various problems by gambling

People often start playing for fun with friends and have some early wins. Some people keep playing in the hope they will repeat the win but can get caught up in chasing their losses. Without support or help, some people get stuck in this mindset for years. It has been found that people who’ve had a major stressful change in their life such as an illness, divorce or children moving away from home can be more vulnerable to developing a problem with the pokies.

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prevention by responsible gambling

Going to play the pokies or bet on the horses may be an escape from everyday worries such as stressful relationships or money troubles. People who are socially isolated can also be more likely to develop problems with the pokies. They say it is somewhere they can go to get out of the house and be with people without having the stress of socialising.

Being aware of how someone’s troubles might feed into a gambling problem means members of their community can also act to keep them safer. We continuously improve system performance with each new email leveraging automated learning capabilities which detect established phrases and patterns to fine tune suggested responses with Intelligent Message Interpretation.