A Horse called Darling

At Ever After High, some students are paired with companion creatures; aid them in their quests to fulfill destinies, while others offer the kind of friendships you find only fairytales. Darling Charming loves riding her horse, Sir Gallopad, who has ability camouflage himself by changing colors! But Gallopad hasn’t always felt so special. Read this original short story about how got enchanting pet horse. This Suzanne Selfors is a novel A Semi-Charming Kind Life.

“If we see cruelty or wrong that have the power to stop, and do nothing, make ourselves sharers in guilt.” –Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty Jo Anne Normile was not supposed keep foal, an exuberant Thoroughbred with only a few white hairs on his reddish-brown forehead. But she fell love young horse, who had literally been born into her arms. The breeder finally said could colt, whom nicknamed “Baby” – but if raced him. It difficult take Baby away from safety pasture. made promise. Besides, horseracing always come across as glamorous blend mint juleps celebrity, equine grace speed. vision found appealing. And hard for it, this “Sport Kings.” She experienced thrill every time sprinted around track, edging out other horses. magic enchants is veneer. For Seabiscuit, there are tens thousands racehorses whose lives end pain despair, indifference corruption runs rampant through world horse racing. knew none this. Not until accident poorly maintained track. That’s when everything changed. founded most successful rescue country, organization would go save more horses than anyone else ever had. no choice. Saving Normile’s story perseverance passion. A heartbreaking ultimately life-affirming book, it testifies transcending hope, unshakeable bond love.

More fun from the world of Ever After High! This story collection features tales about lovable and one-of-a-kind pets your favourite characters. The includes: Duchess Swan Next Top Bird: A Little Pirouette Story Lizzie Hearts Hedgehog’s Hexcellent Adventure: Shuffle Ginger Breadhouse Candy Fish Wish: Jelly Hopper Croakington II Princely Present: Drake Dexter Charming Trouble with Jackalopes: Mr. Cottonhorn Darling Horse a Different Color: Sir Gallopad PLUS, two brand-new short stories! These stories by Suzanne Selfors have previously been published as digital shorts – this brings them together in print for first time.