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Volume One of reference work listing all children’s books by Australians together with about Australia from 1774 to 1972. Entries provide physical descriptions, dates, publishers, illustrations, awards received and, in some cases, remarks on the content. are arranged author. Title and illustrator indexes included.

With its enticing and colourful design fascinating information, this is a book that children will want to pour over-either at home, in the classroom or on road trip. This brings together 55 national parks, selected across all Australian states territories, over 120 animals. It divided into seven sections according habitat (woodlands grasslands; forests; rainforests; arid zones; mountains; wetlands waterways; coasts, oceans islands), each including number of parks selection fish, reptiles, frogs, birds mammals inhabit them. At end section ‘little critters’-beetles, spiders, butterflies, grasshoppers, bugs so on. Each opens with photographs featured description habitat. animal has own page, which stunning colour photograph species, map distribution range, conservation status scientific information about species. The following sections: ‘Fast Facts’ gives you vital statistics, such as size, lifespan young; ‘Where Does Live?’ tells where Australia can find species provides details home; ‘What’s Its Life Like?’ bit how moves, behaves, eats ‘Interesting Info’ quirky facts. features foreword by Governor-General Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Garry Fleming is a well known Australian wildlife artist and book illustrator/author. He has successfully combined his love of both the wilderness art. His intricate detailed paintings books have won many awards including Royal Agricultural Society’s Birds Wildlife Award 1995, 1998 1999, Wilderness for Book Illustration 1993 1998, Australasian Zoological 2000 Highly Commended Art Society Australasia 2001. To date published in over 47 languages around world.Brightly coloured exquisitely are kinds words that come to mind when describing superb work Fleming. Described as super-photo realistic artist, uses various techniques create interpretations nature. works he goes out into field photographs flora fauna, then reproduces them paintings. From native birds animals, zebras lions Africa, magnificent Bald Eagle Americas, Garry’s world’s fauna driving force.His been displayed sold galleries across Australia The National Parks And Service used posters calendars