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In Ten Volumes, with three supplementary volumes Anthology biographical and bibliographical notes, portraits where obtainable. Writers have been represented by works that either reveal their development in one genre, or a cross-section of from different genres, group on topic. Occasionally much longer work is included to highlight neglected unknown areas. Notes biographies English, original texts German.

This all-encompassing encyclopedia provides a broad perspective on U.S. politics, culture, and society, but also goes beyond the facts to consider myths, ideals, values that help shape define nation. • Offers approximately 225 entries covering beliefs Includes an introductory overview of forces have shaped continue American political culture concluding essay gathers key thematic threads looks toward future Covers myriad ways in which influences other aspects society Examines how cultural symbols are manipulated advance interests establish government authority Connects new issues such as social media sexual politics with

Does justice exist for Blacks in America? This comprehensive compilation of essays documents the historical and contemporary impact law criminal system on people African ancestry United States. • 120 A–Z entries race famous or infamous American crime perpetrators victims Contributions from more than 50 distinguished scholars many justice/criminology academic programs across country An index key persons, events, legislation