Australia’s Greatest

Australia’s Greatest Inventions; From boomerangs to the Hills Hoist by Lynda de Lacey Australia has a reputation for innovation and inventiveness – that famous ‘tie it up with fence-wire’ attitude towards getting things done is one of our best-known national characteristics. Popular opinion tells us knack adaptation jerry rigging so-called ‘bush improvisation’ qualities marks out as Australian. If you had play ‘spot Australian’ among other nationalities, you’d choose ones duct tape pliers in their hands. But ask your average Aussie reel off list uniquely Australian inventions at pub trivia night, most won’t get much further than stump-jump plough, Hoist, Speedos pavlova. Suddenly may find yourself wondering if we’re all inventive culture after all? These examples certainly don’t seem build terribly convincing case. This book proves 200-year-old relatively small population, Australians have richer history we give ourselves credit for. Once we’ve seen this justified, next question becomes; there something cultural wiring, about being Australian, makes more people?

Disasters have always occurred in Australia, even before European settlement began 1788. Such is the geography and climate of ‘Great South Land’ that disasters such as bushfires, cyclones, storms, floods, drought heatwaves are natural phenomena. They also tend to be seasonal can successive: bushfires follow periods or heatwave, floods cyclones storms. The original inhabitants well those who came after First Fleet had learn live with these find ways overcome impacts. Australia has occasionally been affected by not commonly associated this part world, including earthquakes, tornadoes landslides. While most do result loss human life major damage, they significant owing their rarity. People equate book includes resulted life. There a number life, Cyclone Mahina 1899, Ash Wednesday 1983, Gundagai 1852, Tracy 1974 Granville bridge collapse 1977. many where although fewer lives were lost there was great damage toll on buildings property, Newcastle earthquake 1989, Sydney hail storm 1999 northern Tasmanian 1929. Structural fires placed disaster category because so costly terms fatalities, injuries damage. Many people, however, don’t include economic agricultural impact among criteria for disasters, which means often disregarded. However, synonymous taken toll. This Exisle Publishing’s Little Red Books series. Every title series provides an overview key events, people places Australian history. cover essentials, bringing reader up speed important, fascinating intriguing facts. Appealing everyone from students pensioners who’ve wanted “know bit about that”, they’re essential every bookshelf.

Australia’s greatest escape stories from two world wars Australia’s Greatest Escapes is a collection of about the most hazardous aspect prisoner war experience – escape. Here all adventure, suspense and courage ordinary Australians who defied their captors; men tunnelled to freedom, crawled through stinking drains, or clawed passage beneath barbed wire in desperate attempt flee captivity. They were willing risk odds even death loneliest fight be free. Each possessed spades noble qualities boldness, resourcefulness, cunning, determination mateship we have come admire our Australian service women under adversity. Featuring POWs theatres war, including one fled German work camp during World War I, another involved mass tunnel notorious Italian camp, an airman brazenly attempted steal fighter fly it back England. We also re-live tragic saga Sandakan marches which six escapers became only survivors 2000 POWs, follow perilous journeys freedom undertaken by infantrymen following appalling massacre fellow soldiers on Japanese-held island Ambon.