BlueThree Way Street

First it was a media sensation. Then became the #1 international bestseller A Long Way Home. Now it’s Lion, major motion picture starring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, and Rooney Mara—nominated for six Academy Awards! This is miraculous triumphant story of Saroo Brierley, young man who used Google Earth to rediscover his childhood life home in an incredible journey from India Australia back again… At only five years old, Brierley got lost on train India. Unable read or write recall name hometown even own last name, he survived alone weeks rough streets Calcutta before ultimately being transferred agency adopted by couple Australia. Despite gratitude, always wondered about origins. Eventually, with advent Earth, had opportunity look needle haystack once called home, pore over satellite images landmarks might recognize mathematical equations that further narrow down labyrinthine map One day, after searching, miraculously found what looking set off find family. Home moving, poignant, inspirational true survival triumph against odds. It celebrates importance never letting go drives human spirit: hope.

Die Sammlung eleganter mathematischer Beweise wurde für die 3. Auflage deutlich erweitert: In fünf neuen Kapiteln präsentieren Autoren Klassiker wie den Fundamentalsatz der Algebra, kombinatorisch-geometrische Zerlegungsprobleme, aber auch aus jüngster Zeit, etwa Kneser-Vermutung in Graphentheorie. Neuausgabe wartet noch mit weiteren Verbesserungen und Überraschungen auf – darunter einem Beweis Hilberts Drittes Problem.

The Ranchers daughter, beautiful Hallie Lamont, captivates country boy Jessie Rascoe. But the bare foot mountain girl, Maria Hunter, captures his heart in this “Greatest Generation” love story based on characters and historic events experienced by author. Richard C. Kirkland grew up a small community, attending one room school during Great Depression. He then flew 103 combat missions famous “Flying Knights” fighter Squadron World War Two. Utilizing those experiences, rare today’s literary world, he has written fascinating account of that remarkable period American history laced it with an unforgettable been reviewed as: “May be greatest stories ever written.”