Brocky’s Bananagram

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The declining literacy standard in boys is an issue causing widespread concern, with reports on the topic featuring everywhere from parenting and educational magazines to prime-time current affairs shows. This book looks at why don’t read, they should, offers practical solutions.

“There is now less flogging in our great schools than formerly,-but then learned there; so that what the boys get at one end they lose other.” – Samuel Johnson Boy Oh Boyis a practical and highly entertaining resource for those who wish to understand needs of boys. Read how issue aggression bullying can be handled become more socially responsible. Learn helped perform better school encourage have relations with their parents Boys are sons brothers husbands, partners fathers. But well do social, political educational institutions help fulfil promise live lives develop values talents? oh best meet needs. Dr Tim Hawkes uses refreshing mix common sense scholarly research book gives hope inspiration interested helping Some questions answered include: Are really as much trouble some people suggesting? How school? there ways read more? What understood about boys, friendship sex? should handled? responsible? parents? examines several additional topics including drugs, depression, sport & body image sex. Dr. Head The Kings School, Parramatta NSW Australia’s most well-known respected schools. He leading authority on educating his contribution debate this area has made him popular speaker writer gender issues education.