Captain Sneer the

ARRR! Captain Sneer and his hardy crew of pirates are in for adventure – a big surprise this rollicking, rhyming treasure hunt. Ahoy there, me hearties! Meet CAPTAIN SNEER most boastful buccaneer! He’s ROUGH TOUGH. BRAVE BOLD. He SAILS the SEAS SEARCH GOLD! But is one pirate who not ashamed to admit he needs mum. This tongue-in-cheek story tells tale thinks rough tough brave bold but, true pantomime fashion, reader know otherwise!

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Thrilling romantic suspense starring a rugged British hero reminiscent of James Bond from the author bestselling, award-winning Cold Justice Series. Foreword by Brenda Novak Dr. Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn’t be easy. As lead biologist on Environment Impact Assessment team, findings would determine future large mining project in northern Canadian bush. She expected rough conditions and hostile miners—but she didn’t expect to find dead body first day job. Former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox forged career as helicopter pilot, working far rest human race possible. The thrill flying makes his civilian life bearable, he lives mantra: don’t get involved. But when he’s charged with transporting research vessel, can’t help but involved murder investigation—and Cameran, who awakens emotions desperate suppress. In harsh wilderness, must battle their intense growing attraction while keeping ahead killer will stop at nothing silence her… One-click confidence. This title is part Carina Press Romance Promise: all romance you’re looking for an HEA/HFN. It’s promise! Originally published 2011