Children of the Lamp: The

When twelve-year-old twins Philippa and John discover that they are descended from a long line of djinn, their mother sends them away to Uncle Nimrod, who takes Cairo where he starts teach about extraordinary powers. From acclaimed thriller writer P.B. Kerr comes an exceptional, imaginative adventure trilogy twin boy girl with magical A one-armed chauffeur? + Twin djinn? Three wishes? Qwertyuiop! What does it all add up to? An amazing adventure, for sure (and that’s not counting the Rottweilers, Alan Neil, exactly pets seem be). Meet Gaunt, one day themselves be djinn. All sudden, have power grant wishes, travel places necessarily on public transportation), make people objects disappear. Luckily luck something do it), introduced eccentric djinn-Uncle will how harness newly found power. And moment too soon! Because embark search locate monstrous-looking (but supposed-to-be-dead) Pharaoh named Akhenaten his tomb which may holding seventy lost Will strong skilled clever enough outwit Iblis, most evil djinn in universe – live see another city adventure? Library Congress Summary.

When twelve-year-old twins John and Philippa Gaunt develop extraordinary magical gifts, they travel to London meet their wildly eccentric djinn-uncle, Nimrod, who teaches them harness new powers sends on a mission.

»Auch der wunderbarste Märchenheld, an seiner kupfernen Lampe reibt, hätte sich keine fesselndere Geschichte als das rasant und brillant erzählte Abenteuer wünschen können.« (Spiegel) Eigentlich führen die Zwillinge John Philippa ein ganz normales Leben. Bis ihnen eines Tages ihre Weisheitszähne entfernt werden plötzlich unerklärliche Dinge geschehen. Denn sind keineswegs wie andere Zwölfjährige. Sie Dschinn. Und ehe beiden so recht wissen, geschieht, landen sie mitten in einem unglaublichen magischen Abenteuer.