Christine Anu

Geologists, most from Australia and Britain but with some outliers continental Europe North America, focus on small islands, where the scarcity of people resources make migration substantially important socially economically. The topics include Azores; historical, cultural, literary perspectives emigration minor islands Ireland; Nevis post-war labor movement in Britain; experience fiction Jamaica Kincaid; dystopia to utopia Norfolk Island; Tongans online; changing contours migrant Samoan kinship; finding a retirement place sunny Corfu.

Drawing upon a wide range of scholarly enquiry into early music, queer musicology, ethnomusicology, performance practice, music education and technology, Aesthetics Experience in Music Performance provides lively forum for the articulation varied perspectives on role its interpretation function contexts supported by those who practice or experience it. The formal shorter discussion papers included this collection were presented at National Workshop Musicological Society Australia, held University Queensland, Brisbane October 2003. themes aesthetics are central to publication each paper engages dialogue technical, expressive embodied aspects performance. bring together research community scholars (e.g., musicologists, anthropologists, ethnomusicologists linguists) working field studies collectively reflect musicological issues being debated Australia today.

This innovative collection of essays explores the ways in which islands have been used, imagined and theorised, both by island dwellers continentals. study considers how conceived themselves their relation to proximate mainlands, examines fascination that long held European imagination. The addresses significance Atlantic economy eighteenth century, exploration Pacific, important role played process decolonisation, island-oriented developments postcolonial writing. Islands were often seen as natural colonies or settings for ideal communities but they also used dumping grounds unwanted, a practice has continued into twentieth century. argues need an island-based theory within studies suggests this might be constructed. Covering historical span from contributors include literary critics, historians geographers.