Cleopatra VII: Daughter Of

Written in a diary-style format, this work presents the experiences and feelings of young queen-to-be while providing informative facts about her homelife, family royal enviroment. 90,000 first printing.

Special edition cover Book Two Cleopatra Selene was born to a world of plenty, where all her wishes were granted. She princess an ancient and powerful family Egypt. Her own mother pharaoh, what else could girl want more than that. whole life planned out sung by who cherished in loving embrace. Suddenly it ripped away, leaving siblings stunned frightened. Their killed the venomous Octavian; their father had fallen honor on his sword battle, older brothers rumored have been as well. In shackles they thrown aboard ship headed straight Rome into house father’s other wife….His lesser, Roman wife named Octavia, happened also be sister mother’s killer! lives once happy predetermined now one huge nightmare helpless property Rome…Cleopatra became Rome’s valuable pawns marriage arranged Octavian. vowed that she never again fought make sure some control listened only Rome. would learn how strong creatively protect herself children. several children legendary VII Mark Antonius There twin brother, Alexander Helios-the sun younger Arsinoe Ptolemy. Ripped from each forced way land conquered enemy The very same Octavian, later first emperor called Augustus, yet he just man dreams. He visions stone plenty stretching four corners known world. His sister, honored care for VII. duty prepare terrified them part realize further plans. Octavia’s daughters Antonia Minor Major not hers but those with adulterous husband Marcus Antonius. Of them, befriends together form bond surpasses boundaries Then there is Juba II, son King Numidia captured raised since age three. Rome, II found home suited him fast scholar clung making discoveries chronicling see journeys. married brought its former glory, until away rebels. Then, pick up pieces move Mauretania build again. For travel endure anything though grew love cautious thus, looked far Gaul Keltoi find future peace ever-grasping clutches sought swallow whole. this novel, author cleverly blends cultures Egypt, Numidia, Mauretania, lands Celts north incredible fact fable. Incredibly well researched values sources which history found. weighed gleaned fair honorable depiction done accomplished, despite garnishments men dethrone any woman power. series “From Sands Egypt Eternity”

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