Daisy and the Trouble with

The trouble with life is it’s SOOOOOOOOO unfair. Daisy’s been grounded. No HOPPING or SKIPPING, FLYING PARACHUTING. She’s lucky she’s even allowed out of her bedroom after what done. But HAS she done that SOOOOOOOOOOO naughty? You’ll have to read the book find out!

Daisy has been EXTREMELY excited about Christmas since September. And when is excited, TROUBLE will surely follow! loves the carols, sparkly lights, crackers, snowmen, and especially chance to be in school play. She’s got SEVEN whole words learn! But her best friend Gabby decide dolly their teacher chosen play Baby Jesus a bit . well, boring, comes up with plan that mean TROUBLE!

Fee Fi Fo Fum! What has Daisy gone and done?! decided she wants to meet a REAL giant! If met real giant he’d pick up put her on his shoulder they’d have adventures! They’d eat crunchy creams as big tractor tyres, if got thirsty, lemonades out of straws. It would be sooooo gooood! Trouble is . you want need magic bean. And finding beans can troublesome The trouble with giants they really shouldn’t live at the top beanstalks. didn’t beanstalks then convinced that wouldn’t into AGAIN!