Dog Star

Based on an incredible true story, Carnegie Medal nominee and New York Times–bestselling author Megan Shepherd crafts a harrowing, propulsive girl-and-her-dog tale that will linger in your heart long after the last page. Laika is Cold Dog, stray pup fighting for her life streets of Moscow. Then, one winter night, she plucked from alley to become starflyer, dog trained travel into space. Distrustful people, tries do everything can escape. That is, until meets Nina. Nina Girl, lonely full questions. Her best friend has moved America rush, leaving face school bullies all by herself. Plus, father’s work as scientist Soviet Space Program grows more secretive day. When two meet laboratory, their growing bond slowly warms chill settled each other’s hearts. As Race between United States Union fierce, uncover shocking secrets hard truths test friendship. How they find courage chase dreams way stars?

Something frightening is happening in the mountain community of Mason County, Virginia. Pets are vanishing mysteriously and “Missing Dog” posters cover waiting room walls at Dr. Rachel Goddard’s veterinary clinic. A pack feral canines roams night, attacking livestock a desperate search for food. Then prominent physician Gordon Hall found dead his yard, throat ripped open. Sheriff’s Department investigator Tom Bridger believes killing was premeditated murder using trained attack dog as weapon. He also suspects it connected to resurgence an old problem: illegal fighting. But Hall’s son insists killed father, he organizes group men find shoot animals. her friend Holly Turner make enemies by trying rescue dogs move them sanctuary has created. Tom, love with worried about safety, must divide time between escalating controversy, shutting down dog-fighting operation (if can locate it), hunting killer….

This book shows how a masterpiece of experimental cinema can be interpreted through hermeneutics the film world. As an application Ricœurian methodology to non-narrative film, calls into question fundamental concept Firmly rooted within context cinema, Stan Brakhage’s Dog Star Man was not created on basis narrative structure and representation characters, places events, but very different presuppositions. The techniques with which Brakhage worked celluloid used frames as canvases, well his choice make without dialogue sound, exhort interpreter directly philosophical language moving images.