Eddy and the Demon

The problem with Belle Harrison, vampire slayer, is that she doesn’t give two sh&ts about lakes. That all changes when learns of a certain lake could show her the truth dark unknown who wants dead. Unfortunately, only devil knows where this is. Damn it to hell, he’s hot, sexy, wrapped in leather, and yearning get down Belle’s pants one lust-filled gaze. But also prickly bastard. going need three vampires’ help slap some sense into devil, even if hurdles closer one-on-one brawl unknown.

Dr. David K. Naugle is widely regarded as a leading thinker in the area of Christian worldview formation. As Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at Dallas Baptist University, he has drawn accolades and admiration. This collection his honor demonstrates that intellectual pursuits are inherently spiritual, no life separate from lordship Christ, true faith fact deep fulfillment human experience. On topics ranging linguistics to gardening everything between, these essays represent depth breadth idea all goodness God’s goodness, truth truth, beauty beauty.