Files – The Mystery of the

From Mesoamerican mysteries to local legends, history waits be unearthed on Colorado’s western slope. Revelations include discovering new evidence in the infamous Alferd Packer case and old Spanish colonial relics near Kannah Creek. Investigators follow trail of lost explorers searching for Seven Cities Gold pursue archaeological signs a prehistoric civilization north Collbran. Expeditions search legend Utes’ Cave Ancients fabled location Aztlán, Aztecs’ original homeland. A crew historians, archaeologists scientists, Western Investigations Team uses ground-penetrating radar, electron microscopy, innovative metallurgic research newly discovered documents reexamine fascinating historical questions contribute chapters history.

Every true “The Three Investigators”-Fan dreams about following the adventures of Jupiter, Pete and Bob in original American edition. Investigators Mystery Fiery Eye”, finally available for your reading device! have to solve an old man’s riddle uncover a great fortune friend them. But they’re racing against sinister bunch treasure hunters. Who will arrive first at mysterious Eye?

Teacher Conci DAmato McVey finds herself embroiled in yet another mystery as she discovers a fabulous fifteen-carat emerald an unlikely place, and the race is on many factions are close pursuit to obtain find remaining two pieces of Pheramengo Cross, worth over twenty million dollars intact. In her fourth novel, The Mystery Gloria DAlessandro has spun intricate web murder mystery. As searches for answers with Auntie, Sister Mary Concetta Rose, they out than answer Cross lies little too homeliterally!