Flying Feet

When Charlie hears that special buzz in his head, he knows it means one thing: an idea for a new invention. But Charlie’s ideas tend to backfire—such as the flying feet don’t really fly. If only could make inventions work, people might think he’s older brother, Larry. Then Zigzag afternoon center organizes Come Character Day, and gets chance shine.

After losing yet another tae kwon do tournament, Jinho gives in to his anger and breaks opponent’s fingers. While this gets him barred from competing at dojang, it also scouted by Austin, a trainer for an underground mixed martial arts club. At first the prospect of fighting without boundaries appeals Jinho, but more involved he gets, disturbing finds harder is find way out. Unlike legal MMA, which has rules regulations, MMA free-for-all: there are no weight classes referees stop fight should go too far. When set up boy known as The Ripper, realizes that doesn’t belong world, only thing can save ancient code do.

Based on a true tale, two master dancers compete for the chance to teach people of Ballyconneely, Ireland, how dance.