Fozia and the Quest of

Fozia noticed smoke from the chimney curling to sky. The brick kiln was working again but she didn’t want go there. She couldn’t let owner see her. Twelve-year-old has survived worst flood in Pakistan’s history. But her life will never be same. With little sister gone and parents missing, now lives with Jehan’s family a new village. As slowly rebuilds life, fears everything might come crashing down if secret is uncovered . or brick-kiln finds To keep own alive heart, tells friends fairytale about Prince Zal. He rides magic carpet on quest find his sister, battling leopards dangerous fairies along way. can Zal succeed truth behind Fozia’s story revealed?

A beautifully written story of survival and hope set in Pakistan from award-winning Australian author Rosanne Hawke. ‘Jehan closed his eyes to pray, then opened them again. It wasn’t a dream. The water was still there – the biggest flood he had seen life.’ For nine-year-old Jehan, life is just as it should be. He attends school, plays cricket with little brother fetches for family. But when monsoon unleashes catastrophic flood, Jehan swept away village becomes trapped tree. stays alive by rescuing things floodwater, but days pass no sign help, starts despair. Will ever see family again? Then rescues dog longer alone. why does keep swimming away? Where she going? Eventually, must follow lost into floodwater. will dog’s quest lead safety? Or more danger? Sensitively told, this important brings home horrific reality natural disasters on lives children, families communities around world, celebrates need hope, kindness resilience that these situations inspire their aftermath.

In Historical Title, Self-Determination and the Kashmir Question, Lone offers a fresh framework, while recognising signs of spreading terrorism in region, to understand rights Kashmiri people how they could be addressed by international community.