Halfway Across the Galaxy

Upper Primary CBC Short-listed book.

Eine Familie vom Planeten Zyrgon muss eine Weile auf der Erde Zuflucht suchen. X, Familienorganisatorin und verantwortlich für alle, sich Menge einfallen lassen, damit sie nicht auffallen.

This is a tale of three young men trapped in vortex space and time as they enter cave near the Malheur refuge high desert Oregon. Phil & Tim from modern day are tossed into world primal beauty prehistoric beasts wherein encounter Native Americans thriving this primitive wilderness. Hin Muke Salmon people hurled our world. Hear speak wonderful Thunderbird great eagle during constellation at night to Sally, an anthropologist. Chase buffalo with Thunder brothers but be wary dire wolves on prairie. Follow romance Telalamzi Osoko trek across verdant valleys, primeval forests, meadows filled camas wildflowers pristine streams full salmon. Meet Makah chief gentle strong people, Xabenawina, antelope wonder worker, Kalinko Bison hunters. Kwanhata Mammoth hunters will lead you chase through wilderness final battle Nishi utara Delve mystery their leader Yimantiwinyai set sail Pacific. A glossary American words included for fully experience understand life First when America was really beautiful not threatened by civilization. Wilderness preservation