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Our relationship with God tends to be complicated because He knows us only too well while we are limited in our knowledge and ignorance of God. As a result, bond Him strains as it weaves out an ambivalent whimsical love-hate relationship. This book is for Christians who confused, lost entangled this intricate web Having faith constantly challenged, find ourselves tired mired that seems running steam. The daily battles fight survive more than can handle, let alone having deal unpredictable unfathomable My Romance chronicles episode my life reveals glimpse It captures pieces intangible portrait paints enigmatic yet vibrant prove overwhelming, quenching the thirst satisfying hunger spirit. Knowing Word good. Understanding even better. But living best, by one truly believe. I know spoke me through these pages. will also speak those read it. “but hope Lord renew their strength. They soar on wings like Eagles; they run not grow weary, walk faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Simple Living is not only a philosophy but the story of life Native American and Franciscan Sister, Jose Hobday. sees as way life–an inner stance, an attitude, disposition. It discernment about emphasis in one’s life. just material possessions, freedom.

If you are tired of feeling stressed, working too many hours or just miserable, Carl Vernon’s The Less-Stress Lifestyle will help manage it all. As a follow-up to his best-selling book Anxiety Rebalance, shares the tools and techniques he used go from being highly anxious enjoying lifestyle freedom choice. Carl’s advice is that we cannot remove stress life – helps us get things done but when starts take over it’s time back control. For example, suggests should throw away concept work/life balance. Why? Because they same thing. Instead shows how use your advantage gives to: Move out way using ‘Stress Wall’ technique Make money work for you, instead Instantly improve mood stay positive with ‘The Happiness Trick’ Get energy by distinguishing bad good Effectively organise create more enjoy an invaluable guide thousands people affected its related disorders rediscover all aspects life.