her HairElla, of Course!

A sexy romantic comedy series about wedding plans run amok. Contains mature content. When Ella Mikowski decided to plan her dream wedding, she had no idea what was getting herself into. As if juggling career and the millions of planning details isn’t enough, it seems that anything can go wrong does wrong. Will manage make down aisle with sanity intact? Episode 1: With only seven days until heads salon. But visions a head full beautiful highlights setting off exquisite headpiece is ruined when something in solution causes hair fall clumps. 2: Six before learns just how contentious seating arrangements be mother Masato clash over chart. 3: storm damage leaves supplier incapable delivering flowers ordered, she’s left five figure out substitute for arrangements. 4: Ella’s final gown fitting ends disaster iron used press malfunctions. How possibly find replacement four big day? 5: makes deal Ella: one date, talking wedding. some bad sushi turns their relaxing evening into an unmitigated disaster. 6: Two gets fight his Best Man, has argument brother, Man Honor. 7: An unpleasant surprise awaits at travel agency pick up tickets: hurricane hit Bahamas, destroying honeymoon locale. 8: It’s day last, but thought things might way, cake destroyed.

When a mysterious painting offers her trip to the past, will Isla find new hope for future? On brink of aging out foster system, last thing Laird wants is spend Christmas in an old-fashioned plantation. What’s point bonding with mom when it’s too late ever be adopted? But suddenly thrusts into nineteenth century, forced face hurts and memories she’s long tried bury. With time running heart tatters, can God use impossible miracle bring

Let bestselling author Lindsey Hutchinson take you back in time to the Victorian Black Country, for a tale of love, hardship and fighting against odds succeed. Life is tough Ella Bancroft. After her father, Thomas, wheelchair-bound by an accident at tube works, responsibility keeping roof over their head falls Ella. Ella’s mother died when she was ten, sister Sally lives with no-good, work-shy husband Eddy, so no help all. If father are keep bailiffs from door, then must earn living. But resourceful as well creative, soon discovers has gift millinery. Setting up shop front room two-up, two-down home Silver Street, Walsall, Thomas work hard establish thriving business. Before long, fashionable ladies Country lining wear one beautiful creations, finally dares hope life friendship family. Meeting man longs marry should be turning point Ella, but life’s twists turns can cruel. As winter grows colder, events seem conspire test spirit. And spring approaching, will hat girl Street triumph, or have admit defeat all dreams tested. The Queen sagas heart-breaking, unforgettable, page-turning story battling odds. Perfect fans Val Wood Lyn Andrews. Praise Hutchinson: ‘A great mix characters, written keeps hooked each page turn!’ Sarah Davies, NetGalley wonderful read … writes well, it’s really novel put down!’ Grace Smith, NetGalley. ‘Make sure this book where won’t disturbed because once it gets going, want down’ Andrea Ruiz, very poignant, feel-good-factor novel’ Shelia Easson, ‘Excellent story!’ Stephanie Collins, ‘The linger your mind long after finish it’ Avid Reader