How to Save the Universe

A short book relaying how to lead outdoor Guided trips. In addition it gives all the information necessary save world in one’s respective corner of globe, according theory a Guide.

Destruction is about to occur around the universe. This a job for Universe Guardians tackle. Who are they? They scientists who fight worst villains with highly powered suits and smart spaceship. science fiction book team up save others from harm Will their super-powered spacesuits spaceship be enough? all ages.

A 31st-century boy and a 21st-century girl team up to save the universe, evade an evil race of bog mutants, make quick pit stop visit moon in Dimension Why. John Cusick’s middle grade debut will transport you vast fantasy world full absurd humor that keep gasping all way twist ending .Lola Ray was normal until poorly timed sneeze X-ray machine flung her thousand years into future. To get back home, she’ll have with Phineas T. Fogg, whose only friend now has been his talking teddy bear overprotective parents never let him leave high-tech apartment. Together, Lola Phin cross galaxy, brave mysterious invitation tea, escape all-powerful interdimensional beings who are convinced knows answer universe’s biggest question . The End.