Incredible Cross-sections

This children ebook explores the innermost workings of some extraordinary buildings and machines. From helicopters to submarines, skyscrapers coal mines, open up a fascinating world packed with unique detailed cutaway drawings. Whether it’s Spanish galleon or medieval castle, each cross-section slice exploded view reveals what’s going on inside. See people swarming inside Empire State Building, workers busy backstage at opera house, where crew sleep jumbo jet. Included also are two impressive fold-outs showing an ocean liner steam train. There lots fun facts be discovered, curious details highlighted explained. Did you know one funnels Queen Mary was fake, used for storing deckchairs? And in almost every scene there’s challenge find man toilet! With more than million copies sold, Stephen Biesty’s award-winning illustrated books as today they were when first published, 1992. Incredible Cross Sections is ultimate way see how things work.

This illustrated book for children shows you how things work. Look inside the human body, explore magic of Venice, and take a tour around movie studio – much more! Part unique series that Guardian in 2016 voted one best non-fiction books ever, More Incredible Cross-sections is Stephen Biesty at top his game. In this updated edition with refreshed, contemporary style, he gives readers an exploded view 12 objects, places, landmarks, modes transport. But look closer! every picture alien who has lost way: can find him? As pore over Biesty’s superbly detailed pages, will also discover loads awesome facts. Did know steam engines were notoriously difficult to stop, leading frequent accidents? Or people Antarctic research base rely on supplies from aircraft’s parachute drops during winter? From windmills cities, airports space stations, curious minds any age interested finding out our amazing world works.

Step inside the extraordinary world of Stephen Biesty and find out how a variety curious things are made, from tower blocks underground tunnels to milk, chocolate, doughnuts on your table, via matches, diamond rings, sports shoes – not mention racing cars, planes, rockets. The incredible artwork will have children adults alike poring over every detail, whether it’s following production line factory making nails or newspapers, exploring insides Boeing 777 plane Saturn V rocket. Taking you through stage each process is Chester Tester, character who helps explain along with his sidekick Hector Inspector. This brilliant ebook also packed unbelievable information. Did know that dinosaur skeletons in museums real fossils? Or has slam-proof toilet lids so noise doesn’t disturb passengers? Written humour fascinating facts guide intricate illustrations, this book glorious way learn about around you. First published 25 years ago, Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections series been updated for silver anniversary, bringing delight whole new generation young readers.