Just a Dog

No good deed goes unpunished. When an unwanted Valentine’s Day present is dumped at the shelter, volunteer Lily decides to foster poor dog herself. A little attention all he needs blossom into a loving pet, ready for his forever home. Plus, helping poor, rejected animal will distract her from own problems. Win, win. Right? Wrong. Valentine more than makeover if he’s going be adopted. He destroys home, hates groomed and when behaves better perfect stranger does her, swallows pride begs looking but quiet help After losing canine partner in horrific moment that upended future, sexy stoic Shane turns books, walks park remodeling grandmother’s intense K9 officer career, no dogs, risks. But it’s hard ignore misunderstood mutt well-intentioned, clueless, handler. reluctantly agrees give few tips tricks, that’s all. won’t care. get invested. And once finds new life can go back normal. doesn’t bargain on normal town and, suddenly, never same.

This heartwarming story of a truly remarkable dog, who changed the lives her owners forever, will move and delight dog lovers everywhere. From moment Peter Cindy Martin spotted as puppy in kennel she came streaking toward them staring with intense gaze, they knew was one. Almost immediately, became central part their household. Alwayas left to run free, indefatigable explorer, gone for hours, sometimes entire days, but infallible compass always brought home. exploits upstate New York incredible survival Vermont wilderness later adventures English countryside, Perth displayed same pluck, intelligence, devotion, unshakable trust, unstinting love. Anyone has ever owned or grown up wanted be captivated by this extraordinary, beautifully written homage very special creature.

Subtitle in pre-publication: Following the dog’s nose into a world of smell.