Just Disgusting!

Another JUST outrageous title from the author of NY Times bestseller THE DAY MY BUTT WENT PSYCHO! The series that made Andy Griffiths an Australian publishing phenomenon is sweeping America! Before introducing world to butts gone bad, unleashed bestselling books. continues amuse, annoy, and totally ick out readers with this latest collection just disgusting stories. Join in his quest gross everyone around him dead fish, mysterious brown blobs, flesh-eating zombies, brussel sprouts. Each madcap adventure more hilarious than last. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll lose your lunch!

It’s an encyclopedia … all about Andy! The Andypedia is a complete guide to every book, story and character in the world of Andy Griffiths’ books. also everything you ever wanted know himself – including answers questions people are always asking him, like “How old were when started writing?” many books have actually written?” “Where do get your ideas from?” “Did that stuff really happen you?” “Was Danny Pickett best friend?” “Were love with Lisa Mackney?” bum grow arms legs run away?”

Nine illustrated disgusting stories depict unusual antics and scenarios.