Little Red Bear

Anna is a young girl who takes it upon herself to rescue an abandoned red bear from the rain.

Family-friendly, Old-fashioned Short Stories for All Ages! A fun and captivating blend of humor action/adventure stories featuring a new kind “Action Hero.” This collection six short stories, the first in series, features Little Red Bear, an uncommonly special bear living scenic Ozarks Mountain Country just little south Sweet Tea Line, with great number friends-woodland critters, barnyard animals human folk alike. Exciting heartwarming feature colorful, loveable characters positive themes friendship, helping others, kindness overcoming challenges life; blended educational information on ways nature, environment, conservation love outdoors. Family-friendly reading entertainment told old-fashioned, story-telling tradition style pace described by author as “Country Comfortable”, are suitable all age groups. Join Bear his friends series thrilling sometimes offbeat adventures Country. You never know who (or what) you may encounter while searching honey or afternoon fishing!

Little Red Bear had no brothers or sisters. He did not have to share his things with anyone. played all day by himself. It was time for go Pre-school. would lots of little bear classmates. What do when he a toy someone? Would easily? fight over the toys? has quite an adventure as finds out what it is like play other bears goes school everyday at