LondonRuby Roars

1953: Pretty, ambitious, 19-year-old Ruby Payne and her lifelong friend Kath Rigler are eager to enjoy their post-war independence. Moving away from home a flat the East End of London is chance break free for them both: abusive family escape unhappy memories brother’s suicide two years before. finds work immediately at fashionable new dog grooming parlour close city. Even though animals aren’t really Ruby’s thing, she has high hopes changing fortunes. isn’t quite so lucky make do with tough factory job, leaning more on emotional support. But then meets handsome, charming Nick Brandon – ignores warnings those around that he trouble. wants glamorous life but it will come cost Kath. ‘Brings loyalties, warring characters broken dreams. Superb’ Elizabeth Gill ‘Surely one best saga writers time’ Rosie Clarke ‘A gripping page turner’ Leah Fleming