Meet Poppy

Delve into the fun filled world of Poppy Pug & friends! and follow her on adventures, meet family, play with friends. This is a series verbally Interactive books targeting age group 3+ it based my real life Pug, Poppy. book colourful, bright, interactive!

Poppy’s dad is still in prison. Her mum has rushed back to Poland look after her seriously ill mother, and Poppy sent stay with friend Jude. But feels stifled. At times like this she needs Angel, the joker among friends – dodgy, wild, can’t read or write much, yet bursting energy one of life’s natural wits. Poppy, a bit orphaned, joined gang. half-term goes Will country, they their second children’s book. comes discover note from Angel: yor place. Need help. She finds him lying under kitchen table, bleeding an arm wound. Has he been stabbed? Why hasn’t rung 999? Who else involved? And will dad, now open prison, find out about oddball friend? Rachel Billington’s dramatic follow-up Hero features two opposing kinds London kids, straddling gulf between them as are drawn into strange, unimaginable world.

“They had talked about it for years. Looked forward to it. It was their dream. Somehow the reality isn’t living up dream.” When Emily and Peter Stanchester retire Lyme Regis, they both struggle adapt new life. misses his routine feeling of being important useful; her freedom friends at work. The happy retirement been looking seems out reach once-unshakeable marriage is on brink falling apart. Practical optimistic, adjusts more quickly. She finds interests makes friends. But with no clear picture how spend retirement, a loss. He has outside feels useless worthless. Left alone home, he becomes resentful, moody needy. meets local artist Poppy James, she instantly drawn her. With bohemian lifestyle, dubious reputation total disregard convention, unlike anyone ever known. Peter, too, fascinated by her, flattered when turns him advice. really who says is? And what exactly does want from them both? Poppy’s Seed contemporary novel that explores changing dynamics relationships different points in will appeal fans William Boyd, Anne Tyler Maggie O’Farrell readers interested stories women’s lives relationships.