Moose on the Loose

What would you do with a moose on the loose? Would chase him, or race stand up to face him? in your yard? Or house? How about room? tub? give him two boats? see if he floats? do? Colorful, comic artwork highlights hilarity that ensues when wildlife wanders indoors. Can boy best beast? By story’s end, young readers will know exactly what goes loose! Kathy-jo Wargin is bestselling author of more than 30 books for children. Among her many awards work are an IRA Children’s Choice Award The Legend Loon and Teachers’ Win One Gipper. lives Minnetonka, Minnesota. John Bendall-Brunello began drawing at quite age, especially loves illustrating animals children, capturing movement life within simple bold compositions. He has illustrated over 60 children’s books. part year Cambridge, England, Cannes south France.

Max is a curious moose- so that he travels to nearby city see how humans live. His adventures culminate in an exciting helicopter rescue and convince him curiosity almost as bad for moose it cats!

There’s a Moose on the Loose is fun story about hyper blue moose named Azul, that loves to dance. Azul finds his way into home of House Wren Bird. See what happens when angered by mess creates. This told in poem-like manner and will keep you laughing ready dance as well! Lock your doors because A Loose!