Mr Badger and the Big

Introducing another lovable character from the creator of Mr Chicken and Old Tom. Badger is Special Events Manager London’s Boubles Grand Hotel in charge parties, weddings, balls – anything, really, that a special occasion.

Mr Badger is in charge of special events at a splendid old London hotel. always polite and well organised with lucky, as he has learnt to expect the unexpected, their never dull moment when on job! Meet his friends discover world Boubles Grand Hotel.

Book four in this charming illustrated series from the creator of Old Tom, Horrible Harriet and Mr Chicken. Badger is about to uncover something magical at Boubles Grand Hotel! Life certainly full surprises Hotel. When discovers a mirror that anything but ordinary, he learns more his favourite hotel than would ever have dreamed possible. Collect set join fun with Badger, family friends.