Mr. Darcy the Dancing

Mr. Darcy’s father lives. Twisted by the machinations of Wickham, elder Darcy has all but disowned his son, who is forced to make way on own with no help from family. Currently, a member militia, doing odd jobs like dancing instruction. He an expert new and scandalous dance—the waltz. When Miss Elizabeth Bennet meets him road Meryton her sisters, she already heard stories wretchedness charming guest Bingley, set sights sister Jane. Wickham’s true nature revealed, finds herself swept up in plan those he harmed. A that involves learning wicked dance, From none other than Darcy. This variation switches roles Wickham adds few winking nods film Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Lizzy corner). Can reputation be restored? scheming put end? Will find their happily ever after?

“What a wonderful collection! Each story is like little treasure just waiting to be unwrapped, bringing its own unique and engaging perspective the Austen mythos. A real treat for Jane fans.” —Syrie James, bestselling author of The Lost Memoirs Dracula, My Love Dancing with Mr. Darcy sterling collection short stories inspired by beloved novelist Chawton House, her longtime home. Edited Sarah Waters, shortlisted Great Britain’s Booker Prize, this exceptional anthology features winning entries in Short Story Award 2009, literary competition which celebrates bicentenary Austen’s arrival village Chawton, where she spent most productive years writing life. Any reader who’s been captivated Sense Sensibility, Pride Prejudice, or other unforgettable excursions into world will find an unparalleled delight.