Murgatroyd’s Garden

Most books written on Gilbert and Sullivan have focused the authors rather than their work. Examining all 14 operas in detail, this book offers a fresh look at works themselves.

‘BR rebel chairman resigns’ The Guardian. ‘Rebel rail chief in row’ Daily Mail. ‘I don’t take it back says sacked chief’ Express. This is the notorious book that got Gerard Fiennes from British Railways while he was Chairman and General Manager of Eastern Region 1968. became a railwayman by accident, joining L.N.E.R as Traffic Apprentice 1928. Over next four decades worked himself up to top management tree, experiencing all facets railway life – steam through diesel electrification on his way top. When there, knew service ripe for revolution… believed man lead it. But course, wrong time manager who thought railways could be success Dr. Beeching sharpening axe unprofitable lines were closed rather than turned round. After being resisted, circumvented, delayed blocked, G. F. ran out patience put pen paper career into buffers told story what happens when non-railwaymen tried run railway.