My (Almost) Perfect Puppy

“I have so many super-amazing and IMPORTANT things to write about! Ill tell you all about them: * My dog, Bob, is friendly cuddly. He a PERFECT puppy (almost). Sometimes he gets into mischief. loves chew things! Especially Dads slippers. Then buries them in the garden! Bob eats AND EATS! even steals snacks off table. (I dont mind when my broccoli though!) BOUNCY JUMPY chases CATS! Eeek! I invent way keep out of trouble!”–Page [4] cover.

A NEARLY PERFECT DOG is a collection of stories that deftly, vividly, philosophically and amusingly brings the reader into Grace Saalsaa’s home. Her own dogs assist with fostering each new dog. All while, they plot strategize to maintain an orderly lifestyle from Border Collie’s mindset.

Raising an almost perfect pet does not happen by accident. When people acquire pets, they may be certain about what to expect, but few anticipate the problems that can result–including expenses, health care issues and bad behaviors–or emotional investment comes with a true commitment another living being. Being prepared, having realistic expectations, raising pets desired outcomes make experience one treasured. This handbook is complete guide dog cat aimed at owners wishing raise healthy, happy foster lasting, loving relationship their four-legged friends.