My Dog Doesn’t Like Me

A heartwarming book that teaches the importance of responsibility and love for a pet Eric was given dog his eighth birthday–that nearly year ago. The dog, named Ugly (because he is just that), settles into Eric’s family but not attached to in any way. In fact, prefers everyone else family! has several crazy ideas make him, swayed. slowly comes realize order win over Ugly, put time, effort, most importantly, show him affection. life lesson wrapped up beautifully told story will resonate with kids parents–and lovers.

My Dog Gets a Job picks up where the very successful Doesn’t Like Me left off. At almost ten years of age, Eric is now responsible owner his dog Ugly. But when Ugly involved in series mishaps including theft roast chook and bedroom decorated with duck poo, it clear needs to do something keep out trouble. Luckily, knows exactly how solve problem … job.But can find job for dog, even if genius? Humorous engaging, will appeal pet lovers all ages.

Eric Bright and his doggy best mate, Ugly, are back. They’re up against their biggest challenge yet- solving the serious problem looming over Eric’s mean miserable big sister, Gretchen. It’s lucky Ugly is friendliest dog ever. He’s a star companion pooch, working with kids at school. surely going to rescue sister – and, on top of that, win almost every category upcoming school pet show. Surely. But when goes off food refuses play, must figure out what’s hounding him. Can he fix Gretchen own? My Dog Winner paw-some tale about friendship, compassion what it takes be real hero.