My Mum the Pirate

A powerful young adult novel about the importance of friendship and love for teen girls. Sea Dreamer is relationships, especially that Cassie Rana – who have been friends since they were tiny When this once strong begins to disintegrate tries hold onto Rana, hang on way things were. But in life nothing ever remains same. Then when discovers through a school project possibility an ancestor lived 16th century may pirate, she uses it as anchor now turbulent friendship. Cassie, lives within smell sea, sea dreamer. So strongly linked are her thoughts moods it’s if was born ever-ebbing tide. She relates much inner outer world spirit sea. With wonderful sense place wild, striking coastline Otago, New Zealand perfect read teenage

Three wise-cracking mysteries in one where YOU are the supersleuth! A ghostly handprint inside a museum case containing pirate treasure, new classmate with mysterious secret, and strange of arson bookshop . In this third book, Saxby Smart – schoolboy detective solves three more fascinating cases. each story gives reader clues which help solve mystery. Are you ‘smart’ enough to work out answers?

The Little Red Cliff portrays life in the 1950s and 1960s Tanah Merah Kechil (Little Cliff) a corner of Bedok District along eastern coast Singapore. Author Yeo Hong Eng chronicles story his family, as they struggled to make living during lean years after Japanese Occupation. He describes detail how parents developed land for farming exploited other available resources, such sand mining rainy seasons, until were forced leave 1963. also explains processed coconuts into cooking oil bamboo food, materials building trellises, accessories, basic toys. Whether working animal husbandry or vegetable cultivation, grandmother used age-old methods passed down from their grandparents work with animals. Whats more, made sure take time celebrate important festivals, entertainment, joys sorrows everyday life. They attended wayangs (street plays), flew kites, own playthingsshuttles, spinners, sling shots, musical instrumentswith whatever raw had on hand. In Cliff, shares description family Singapore mid-twentieth centuryits lows highs, its struggles joys.