Not All Heroes Wear

What do you think of when hear the word ‘hero’? Is it wall-climbing, cape-wearing, villain-fighter see in comics and films? Heroes can actually come all forms, shapes sizes. Some cook for hungry. nurse poorly back to health. Others raise money important causes. From small acts kindness inventions that have saved lives hundreds people, every person this book has found their passion – or superpower. No matter how big might be, your power be used change world better too. So put away cape, climb down from wall discover ordinary people still extraordinary things become heroes. Written by Ben Brooks, bestselling author Dare Be Different books, paired with vibrant comic-style illustrations throughout, is perfect guide budding superhero life!

Most young people are familiar with superheroes, but in real life, it’s the ordinary heroes that walk among us really make a difference. Readers of this engaging volume learn there’s more to being hero than able fly or having other superpowers. Being kind, helping others, doing what’s right even when tough all things for pretty good, real-life heroes. Relatable characters truly through colorful illustrations, while age-appropriate text encourages readers positive, helpful decisions their own lives.