One World a Journey

Cosmopolitans… – it is reasonably easy to define what means; increasingly the case that we come across them. But may be rare see reflections are both, sociologically well informed and at same time entertaining a Turkish friend from Australia suggested author of present notes call sociotainment… though she admitted got term her husband India… Sometimes it’s easier find oneself while being lost. And volume invites get lost, offering reader opportunity think about his place. These notes: (from an academic who considers himself also as politically aware in some way active) bring together different dimensions carried away rest places positions.

In his first book, Journey to a Brave New World, author David Watts detailed how small group of Satan-worshiping elites is following multi-generational plan manipulate humanity toward vision outlined in Aldous Huxley’s novel World. this, the second book series, he provides further evidence their intentions for United States. He has spent six years considering history, scientific research, and declassified government documents uncover support thesis. offers prove not only existence civilian inmate labor camps within States, but also procedures that are already place activate them. Details continued build-up expansion Department Homeland Security readiness planned war against American people provided as well. identifies Trojan Horse mechanism operating bring down States from exposes fact Communist troops be used final clean-up allow globalists introduce solution one-world government. Part Two, includes forty-five-step would enable regain its former glory ensure do get brave new world.