Precious Little

Kenny and Johnny were well known around the neighborhood as trouble. The boys spent much of their time stealing from stores, breaking into abandoned buildings other forms notorious entertainment. However, do most reputation, Ken-ny Johnny’s history caught with them. They accused a crime they did not commit. knew had to run. heard some men talking about abandon houses being demolished make way for freeway. One discussed how in few torn down, money was found. This piqued interest soon on bike trip which would never forget. Once found “the house”, began search treasure. Their efforts interrupted by dangerous man, Jazz. He held ”hostage” until he could find his own escape. Jazz left tied-up when went steal car get-away. be dead returned house. broke free just stolen car. couldn’t run, but hid secret room below floor Jazz, beyond angry, doused kitchen gasoline, lit house fire left. struggled escape flames barely fled safety. experience brought personal crossroads. drifted apart. eventually decided live manner accustomed. After contemplating suicide, turned life one positive direction. Over years, continued “easy mark”. Kenny’s choice led death. Precious Little is story adventure, choices, change. It demonstrates possibility change consequence taking opportunity transformation.

The Boss is back! From Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a billionaire romance that’ll make you swoon and fall in love all over again. Mark had everything: beautiful wife about to have their first child, country club the rich famous flock to, kind of life that anyone would dream living. And then Erica walked out on him, everything fell apart. Now, he’s struggling juggle caring for newborn with running club. Between sleep deprivation long days, even keep himself going, let alone handle rest it. His brother sister-in-law are there help, course, but they own lives live, there’s only so much can do. In midst else, finds his attention captured by beautiful, dark-eyed woman. She’s intelligent, wealthy, looking more than membership at inclined give her what she wants. But he can’t stop thinking woman who left him. Can’t hoping get back family thought was building her. Who will choose when forced decide between married one thinks might be falling absence? Managing Bosses Series: Too Who’s Now * Gift (Christmas Novella) Love I Do Wife Employed Brother Senior Advisor Forever Christmas NOW COMING: Billionaire Control Makes Millions Work Mark’s Story – Precious Little Thing Priceless This steamy romance, NOT erotica Search Terms: FICTION / Romance Contemporary New Adult Romantic Comedy F, sexy, hot steamy, sport hired wife, fake girlfriend, happily ever after, sweet story, love, triangle, new adult obsession, contemporary sex, series, free kindle melody anne bachelors holiday, holiday billionaire, true life, Suspense General

A salaciously romantic portrayal of rock star competition, meets the 80’s through American Idol, The Voice, and Glee, all rolled into one with a twist. Brooklyn Prcious Little Devis, win spot on brand new n roll completion ,mentored by Tristan Bondage, toutured x post punk idol that once was, then unthinkable happens…. story line characters, fused gay, drag queens, heartfelt emotion, become contagiously addicting, causing laughter, tears quest for more,