Pyro Watson and the

A rip-roaring adventure from a well loved storyteller and illustrator team. This is story about boys’ friendships – surviving them. Pyro Watson loves pirates, treasure all things to do with maps tales of long ago. When his mother goes away nurse Nan, left stranded in caravan at the beach Aunt Mor. So calls alter ego, Simeon Pirate Fighter, pass evenings longer days.Then meets local boy Min four-legged mate, Becks. Life becomes interesting even downright dangerous when town bullies claim as their own. Can draw on Simeon’s daring defend themselves?

On a sultry side street of Arzew, Algeria, Mubbaligh sits in his apartment. He is finalizing plans for terrorist attack against America. Funded by radical Salafist splinter group, he has waited years this opportunity. will let nothing stop him. use ships to conduct coordinated on the shores His contacts maritime field facilitate efforts. If succeeds, thousands die. opposite Atlantic, post 9/11 America, law enforcement officials suspect another imminent. Port security bolstered and Coast Guard patrols are increased. But, their efforts be enough? Who win battle between these forces? Only time tell.