Race to the Finish

Peep! Here comes Thomas the Tank Engine! He’s racing his friends around Island of Sodor and through pages this high-speed sticker scene book. Place stickers to decide for yourself who will win trophy be Sodor’s fastest engine. With four there’s plenty keep all little busy. So what are you waiting for? On your marks … get set GO!

Perfect for fans of The Babysitters Club and anyone interested in computer science, this book by New York Times bestselling author Stacia Deustch is published partnership with the organization Girls Who Code! Sophia her coding club BFFs have best time together. Sure, they work on projects, but mostly gossip about crushes, eat cookies, do totally silly impersonations. Now they’re to participate their first hackathon–a full day meeting other coders—so it’s step up game! Just when friends think hackathon project ready big time, a change plans threatens tear group apart. Will each other’s backs, or are destined an epic fail? They know that all teamwork problem-solving—maybe friendship is, too!

In the summer of 1991, population geneticists and evolutionary biologists proposed to archive human genetic diversity by collecting genomes “isolated indigenous populations.” Their initiative, which became known as Human Genome Diversity Project, generated early enthusiasm from those who believed it would enable huge advances in our understanding evolution. However, vocal criticism soon emerged. Physical anthropologists accused Project organizers reimporting racist categories into science. Indigenous-rights leaders saw a “Vampire Project” that sought blood people but not their well-being. More than decade later, effort is barely off ground. How did an initiative whose included some biology’s most respected, socially conscious scientists become so stigmatized? these model citizen-scientists come be viewed potential racists, even vampires? This book argues long abeyance points larger, fundamental questions about how understand knowledge, democracy, racism age when expert claims increasingly shape possibilities for being human. Jenny Reardon demonstrates far innocent tools fighting racism, scientific ideas practices embed consequential social political decisions can define race, what ends. She calls adoption novel conceptual do oppose science power, truth ideologies, rather draw focus mutual constitution.