Raising the Bar

The founder of Clif Bar Inc. explains how he turned his homemade energy bar into a $100 million business without losing any joy for life or business–all the while focusing on relationship between and community.

This book provides a definitive review of knowledge about bar room environments and their regulation, directions for the prevention aggression, violence injury in around public drinking establishments. It shows why establishments are high risk some riskier than others, effectiveness existing interventions policies, importance better regulatory models achieving safer The authors emphasise need to understand problem tackle it through evidence-based preventive strategies, providing detailed nature behaviours within specific context – while recognising that these businesses operate diverse communities cultures. Special attention is paid difficulties implementing sustaining effective kinds structures political economic climates currently prevail western countries. draws upon authors’ extensive experience with observational, interview intervention research related reducing aggression establishments, as well alcohol field, prevention, policing regulation more generally.