Rebel Cargo

Abena is a rebellious Ashanti girl sold into slavery on the notorious Transatlantic route from West Africa to Jamaica. Mungo an English orphan who becomes cabin boy, only be kidnapped and as white slave. Fate brings two together Mungo, risking life limb, saves terrible death. Together they escape set out towards Blue Mountains – where rumours tell of stronghold runaway slaves ruled by legendary leader called Nanny. But can slip through hordes Redcoats baying bloodhounds sent drag them back?? Based historical events, novel unflinchingly describes conditions black also in 18th century, when profits took precedence over human life, ends strong note hope.

Samuel’s parents and young sister, innocent bystanders during an uprising, are killed by South African police. Samuel is sent to live with his uncle, a tribal chief in the Bantu homeland, while brother vows join National Congress armed struggle avenge family’s deaths. In h omeland, discovers he can run faster than anyone before long begins train under English-educated uncle. Years later, after end of Apartheid, selected as token black athlete Olympics. President Nelson Mandela there when wins gold medal, dedicates it ‘a very special man… I was running for President. my country.’ This powerful moving story portrays what like blacks growing up Africa aunder Apartheid different ways which they struggled gain their freedom. For some, brother, struggle, but opportunity prove could better any white man.