Road Kill

From International Bestselling Author, a tale of passion and revenge… The Gavin MacFadyen Suspense series begins… Two decades ago, sleepy New England town is torn apart by murder when group teens lure their unsuspectingvictim to lakeside beach. prosecution’s witness the troubled fifteen-year-old Lacey Watkins, who happened be at wrong place time. Haunted ghosts her family’s past, has returned this scandal. With help sister Terri, she starting over. nowhere left run, struggling build life…until found dead. When discovers crime-scene photos two murders mixed in with work, suddenly finds herself center police investigation…and target killer’s obsession. After twenty years Haven Police Department, ex-Detective new career as private investigator. But his ex-partner killed suspicious ‘hit-and-run’, he pulled back into that world corrupt cops, child prostitution, gang murders, crime bosses litter shore headless corpses. secrets own, but needs an ally, now more than ever…because murderous fury avenger about destroy them both.

“It has been the best part of 12 years since I investigated a fatal accident and dealt with grieving relatives. It taken me to have strength write about it, put pen paper record what caused so much grief anguish.” So writes Craig Hodge, one Victoria Police’s leading investigators road accidents. A police officer for 20 years, eight which he spent Accident Investigation Section (now Major Collision Unit), Hodge attended horrific scenes more than 350 accidents that resulted in deaths serious injuries. In ROAD KILL, recounts harrowing investigations details processes involved finding out causes such tragedies, often led prosecutions. His story is cautionary tale responsible driving messages loom large. KILL also provides poignant account emotional psychological impact carnage on all involved, not least like who struggled at times find balance between being sensitive victims their families, while trying remain emotionally detached his own sanity wellbeing.

When life’s left you flatter than a steamrolled possum, turn here for little hope, humor, honesty, and encouragement from the Bible. It’s best of Chonda Pierce’s celebrated Roadkill Reports to her fans, plus lots new material, it’s perfect reinflating your outlook—anytime, anywhere![Postcard Chonda]I tell jokes living. adventurous. But do that, I have fly hours. take bus days. walk up steep stairs in skinny heels. In short, sometimes beating like roadkill on country highway! Life really is one long journey heaven. My travel journal filled with what I’ve learned along way—the hurts, laughter, victories, failings, crowds loneliness, mostly, times seen God at work.—Chonda