Sleepy Pendoodle

Here are 125 magnificent folktales collected from anthologies and journals published the mid-nineteenth century to present day. Beginning with tales of ancient times continuing through arrival saints in Ireland fifth century, periods war family, Literary Revival championed by William Butler Yeats, contemporary era, these robust funny, sorrowful heroic stories kings, ghosts, fairies, treasures, enchanted nature, witchcraft set cities, villages, fields, forests wild western coast modern streets Dublin Belfast. Edited Henry Glassie With black-and-white illustrations throughout Part Pantheon Fairy Tale Folklore Library

A girl tries to follow her uncle’s instructions for getting puppy Pendoodle open his eyes.

In the time of Troubles, when bombs blew through night and soldiers prowled down roads, Henry Glassie came to Irish borderland learn how country people endure history. He settled into farming community Ballymenone, beside Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, listened old people. For a decade he heard recorded stories songs which they outlined their culture, recounted history, pictured world. view, world was one love, defeat, uncertainty, demanding virtues endurance: faith, bravery, wit. Glassie’s task this book is set scene, sketch backdrop clear stage, so that Hugh Nolan Michael Boyle, Peter Flanagan, Ellen Cutler, neighbors can tell own tale, explains conditions converts them tragedy conflict comedy absurd. It gathers saints warriors, celebrates stars whose wit enabled endurance days violence deprivation. With patience respect, describes life place exactly like no other, yet Ballymenone thousand other places where work on land during day tales at night, forgotten, while men power fill newspapers history books by sending poor boys out be killed. The Stars an integrated analysis complete repertory verbal art from rural storytelling singing quality remained part daily life.