The Battle Starts Here

It All Starts Here is a thorough, funny, engaging, challenging, and biblical walk-through of what it means to follow Christ specifically designed for the new believer. No longer do youth pastors church leaders need leave believer with “now what?” question still lingering in their mind after they’ve made that important decision. With this resource you can know they are walking through gospel message basic Christian beliefs on 31-day journey will cover kind topics would take months sermons cover. Just check out others have said about this: “This captivating relationally-driven book serves as dynamic interactive ministries looking engage believers truly Christ. “ (Jeanne Mayo, Founder President “Youth Leader’s Coach”, International Speaker Author, Director Youth Young Adult Outreach, Victory World Church, Norcross, GA) “Finally takes students next phase Christianity thought provoking yet personal manner! This sure be an instant tool discipleship classic draw from generations come! Get make disciples!” (Pat Schatzline, Evangelist, Mercy Seat Ministries, Author “Why God so mad at me?”, Trussville, AL) “Great who serious task making disciples. Its highly-practical relational approach help stick exciting growing faith Christ.” (Scotty Gibbons, Student Ministries Director, James River Assembly God, Ozark, MO) “…an experience relevant, practical much needed. I highly recommend anyone journeys kids wants see them grow closer Father.” (Todd Lowans, Suburban Chicago Christ, Chicago, IL) “I never found theologically solid, age-appropriate hand converts my ministry – actually want read… Until now!” (Meghan Weber, Pastor, Catonsville Catonsville, MD) “More effectively disciple if had could use. effective engaging easy use desiring young difference maker your become Disciples (Richard Crisco, “Empowering Kingdom Leaders”, Rochester First Assembly, Rochester, MI) “…a strategic solution essential any streamline into well-rounded disciples (Rob Gillen, Harrisburg, PA) “A “must-have” ALL better students. A “must-read” wanting how start best lives.” (Carrie Maurio, pastor, Phoenixville, “…breaks down simple truths understandable memorable daily readings bring student level understanding spiritual growth. As veteran over 15 years I’m thrilled placed hands today’s generation.” (Eran J Holt, Ministry Glad Tidings AG, Speaker, Writer, Adjunct Faculty VFCC, Reading, “…walks real questions asked world resulting growth.” (Mike Miller, Shiloh Youth, Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada) “…great devotional believing or teenager. Stock up ready those brings way!” (Joey Ruyter, Riva Trace Baptist Davidsonville, wonderful keep floundering just beginning relationship Lord.” (Darren Hileman, Executive South Carolina School Leadership, Columbia, SC) “The cries discipled while Heaven commands us Sadly, we aren’t how. great question.” (Geoff Bassett, Education Professional Asia, “…packed everything pastor hope walk away knowing 4 ministry, packed devotional.” (Tim Walk, Senior High Mount Paran Atlanta, “To walks steps accepting invaluable. To one staying relevant priceless! book!!!” (Joseph Lee, Zion Merge Movement, Landover,

Updated for RPG Maker MV using JavaScript, Make a 2D in Weekend shows you how to create your very own dungeon crawler game single weekend. The entire process, from start finish, is covered within this book. You will see variety of maps and events, all broken down convenience.One the hardest parts development actually finishing game, but it also one most important steps on way becoming developer. If have yet finish book give confidence resources need finally be able RPG. Once you’ve completed book, you’ll modify as much like, adding new monsters quests, skills go second by yourself. Among topics are: Creating various types enemy encounters via use eventing system, JavaScript replacing old Ruby commands. special area that allows player pick their character choice instead being forced play particular character. Clever uses events items allow return town instantly summon vehicles side. What You’ll Learn: Create playable characters different attributes styles. wide weapons, armors, purchase, find, use. now used throughout. Design levels with specific goals mind. treasure chests random contents or based player’s doors require keys puzzles unlock. encounters. Who This Book For: anyone who has ever wanted scratch. All copy MV.

Five specially trained, war-hardened soldiers think they are taking a well deserved break from their present assignment demonstrating futuristic weapons. Thinking it would be interesting to see reenactment of the battle Gettysburg, men begin journey, finding out all need know about Weapons Specialist and Military Historian Tompkins. It isn’t long before his knowledge is put test. Strange occurrences push team toward unknown. That should no problem for an ogre-like Navy Seal Commander, young Green Beret Specialist, veteran Army Ranger CIA Special Operations Agent. Or will when find themselves mysteriously back in 1863 during actual Gettysburg? Can five-man team, with modern weapons, take place entire regiments somehow missing battles? this twist too much them? About Author: Thomas J. Ball grew up Pickford, Michigan now resides Sault Saint Marie, where he business owner. working on next book Guardians Hallowed Ground series. Publisher’s website: http: //