The Day War Came

A moving, poetic narrative and child-friendly illustrations follow the heartbreaking, ultimately hopeful journey of a little girl who is forced to become refugee. The day war came there were flowers on windowsill my father sang baby brother back sleep. Imagine if, an ordinary day, after morning studying tadpoles drawing birds at school, your town turned it rubble. if you lost everything everyone, had make dangerous all alone. that was no welcome end, room for even take seat school. And then child, just like you, gave something but so very, very precious. In lyrical, deeply affecting language, Nicola Davies’s text combines with Rebecca Cobb’s expressive evoke experience child sees away she knows.

Auf der Suche nach einer Hexe, deren Lieblingstier er werden will, wird Kater Herbert ausgerechnet in Stadtbibliothek f√ľndig.