The EggThe Elephant

The elephant brags and shows off.Other animals his own kind hate him for haughtiness.He proclaims himself as the king of jungle.Even beast like lion tiger shuns him. His unruly reign in that jungle continues all until clever porcupine teaches a lesson, one day.

Why does the zebra have stripes and elephant a long trunk? How did giraffe acquire neck why hippopotamus lie in muddy water all day? an acacia tree kill grazing wild? Do wild animals speak to each other do they feelings? In The Greatest Safari, reader is taken on African adventure told stories about feelings, senses communication of savannahÕs many inhabitants. From sausage trees, cycads, termites ants lions, hyenas, bats gorillas. This book deals with mechanisms that propelled life. We humans acquired facility feeling we are something special, thus also constitute evolutionary zenith. contradiction this, nature indifferent within its boundaries there only one criterion for success, namely survival. What brain can produce terms poetry nuclear physics beneath notice compared ability survive. If accept prehistoric people Homo habilis erectus as first human beings Earth, bacteria still thousands times older currently most successful organism.

And when your hourglass has run out, and body falls to the ground spirit turns toward sky, what will you do about creatures of nightmare shadow, lurking there in grey mists between moments, ready pounce? The unravelling gains momentum. Read Scroll Two Dark Canticles Blood Witch follow path that plunges into ever deeper shadow.