The Grasping Goblin

Book 2 of Ian Irvine’s hilarious Grim and Grimmer fantasy quartet for children The Nightmare Queen is hunting Ike Mellie. A spell from forbidden Gobbeloon might stop her, but it won’t be easy to get. On the way will struck blind, forced eat maggot soup carried by an enraged demon, upside down with his bum hanging out, right across Grimmery. Then he picks up a bolt frozen lightning. Bad move. Oh, yes, dies in this story. And still can’t avoid Queen’s cruel vengeance. In excellent book you encounter lunatics, night-gaunts, punning rat compulsive liar. Not mention most cunning enemy has ever faced – wicked goblin, Aigo. Reviews “The Grasping Goblin takes two reluctant heroes on very wild ride. Very funny too, as well dangerous, gory grotty. grand adventure.” “Entertainingly written energetic, descriptive style. An extraordinary world. Fast furious funny.” Reading Time “Irvine great fun creating Funny fast-paced, Ike’s story reads briskly, leavened little horror dash scatological humour. adventure upper-primary readers. Recommended.” Bookseller Publisher

The Nightmare Queen has hidden the Book of Grimmery. Without it, Grimmery will fall and its people become slaves. To find book, Ike Mellie need a goblin spell from forbidden land Gobbeloon. But makes disastrous blunder. If he had kept his mouth shut, would not have been turned into night-gaunt, creature feared more than anything in world. Nor attacked best friend. And definitely died . In Gobbeloon, are thrown king’s dungeon. get spell, must give up enchanted pen, which needs to clear dead parents’ names, or fight off Queen’s army all by himself. How can hope defeat queen, outwit wily, treacherous goblins escape with both counter-spell pen?

The complete Grim and Grimmer humorous fantasy quartet for primary readers. It’s not easy to be a hero when your bum is the size of an airship you’re bobbing around ceiling, mocked by angry dwarves. Fey Queen, Emajicka, stealing children Grimmery her Collection. She bathes in their nightmares relieve own. There one nightmare she wants most all. If Ike had stayed home that Tuesday, he would have been expelled from school, betrayed princess or robbed murderous queen. He tied insane imp desperate eat his liver. certainly floated across strange land on impossible rescue mission, powered exploding manure. Nor tried escape via disastrous troll-bum door. But can ever Nightmare Queen? Reviews “The funniest horror story you’ll read long while – Ian Irvine master this best yet.” Good Reading “Entertainingly written energetic, descriptive style. An extraordinary world. Fast furious very funny.” Time “Irvine has great fun creating Funny fast-paced, Ike’s reads briskly, leavened with little dash scatological humour. A adventure upper-primary Recommended.” Bookseller Publisher Headless Highwaymanis first book series genius Irvine, who manages create world which believable, thrilling funny all rolled into one.” Grasping Goblintakes two reluctant heroes wild ride. Very too, as well dangerous, gory grotty. grand adventure.” “I gasped laughed my way through these three books. Action packed.” Dee White, Kid’s Book Capers. “A wonderful tale. Delightfully dark delicious.” Jacq Ellem, “Fantasy Calamitous Queen