The Hunt

Not Tom and Huck, but Will in this Twain-like short story of a hunt the Kentucky countryside. Tom’s inexperience leads to hilarious antics until they finally bag their animal. But finds that hunting is fun, killing not. The Hunt chuckle-worthy adventure hinting past won’t stay hidden. pulled from chapter upcoming novel, Staircase Fire

In a land of three warring kingdoms, centaur huntsman and warrior priestess might be the only hope for peace. If two enemies don’t kill each other first, they even find love. Seira Blackstone has fought in many border skirmishes against centaurs lowlands, but when she comes upon massacre, it’s soon apparent human dead weren’t fighting other. They were together third, unknown foe. Toryn, huntsman, is following trail group soul-mages he encounters Seira, most exquisite female he’s ever beheld. She’s majestic, battle-hardened, strong-willed, her sharp tongue fires his blood more than any met. While Seira’s natural instinct to horseman, she’s also swift see have better chance success if work together. But there danger just an enemy. As come depend on other, secretly admits growing feelings partner. That’s problem. warrior-priestess Moon Goddess, sworn vows obedience, loyalty, chastity exchange magic. such, body, heart, soul can never shared with another. Not noble equal parts desire tender longing eyes. are renowned their stubborn natures, Toryn plans claim heart risks having bury one blades chest troubles. A fantasy romance. Author’s Note: The Huntress vs Huntsman world romance series. variety isn’t your thing, avoid like plague. Reading Order: Master Hunt Night Dragon Archer Soul Mage (Coming Soon)